• Save The Vaal Dam & River - South Africa - Free State
    To prevent human and animals from contracting viral and bacterial infections. this will have a negative long term effect on millions of species to put it mildly.
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    Created by Bertram Carroll
  • ALGERIA: No to Shell Gas in Algeria
    It is so important to ask and act so that tests for shell gas stop in the Sahara of Algeria, the Greatest Sahara in the World, a Beautiful Place, full of life, there, we can find the Largest reserve of Underground Water, adding to that, people there suffered 50 years ago from Nuclear Tests done by the French, so it must be stopped now.
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    Created by Menad BOUHAS
  • SOUTH AFRICA: Keep Fracking Out of the Drakensberg & Karoo
    The Drakensberg is the source of water on which over 5 million people, in cities like Estcourt, Howick, Pietermaritzburg & Durban, depend on for their water supply. If Fracking is permitted all life in our province stands to be jeopardised. Each fracking well uses between 6 and 25 million litres of water and up to 150 000kgs of sand to create cracks in the rocks and release the gas. Farming in the Drakensberg & Karoo will also be destroyed if the water is polluted, affecting our food supply and raising food prices considerably. We are a water scarce country which has abundant sunlight - surely we should capture this source of energy rather than destroy our water supply? Technical Cooperation Permits have been issued to Rhino Oil and Gas and Sungu Sungu to explore the possibilities of extracting shale gas in Balgowan, Kamberg, Karkloof and surrounding areas.
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    Created by Sherebanu Kajee
  • CAMEROON: Stop Overgrazing in Mbengwi
    This would improve on the food situation as water catchments which are drying up will come back supplying the much needed water for agriculture. Food security would be guaranteed and social conflicts which are on the rise in Mbengwi, North West Cameroon would be checked.
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    Created by Christopher FON ACHOBANG
  • MALAWI: Don't drill for oil in Lake Malawi
    The value of the Lake to the Malawi population is: (i) a source of water for drinking and domestic use; (ii) a source of food (fish); (iii) a source of income for fishermen and fish-vendors; (iii) it is the biggest tourist attraction in the country.
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    Created by Francis Chilalika
  • Niger Delta Oil And Gas Pollution
    I am a Niger Deltan and a Citizen of the United States currently living in the US. When I left Nigeria in 2018, The situation was very bad. We woke up with black soothe in our beds, our bodies, cars and furniture. After showers, the bathtub got black and sticky. Even my cat would leave my palm black when I pet him. My Mom would cough and cough and spit out all colours of mucus. The sky is grey just like what goes on in China. The NIGER DELTA is no doubt one of the most polluted places on earth. I called my Mom this morning (08/04/2021), And she says it has only gotten worse, 100 times worse and Is considering leaving the country now. But what of my aunties, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and neighbours who can not leave? People from various parts of the country now migrate to the Niger Delta to partake in the illegal processing of raw crude stolen from pipelines(Bunkry) and is considering leaving the country. I have first-hand witnessed this destruction as I worked in the oil and gas industry before leaving the country. The standards of even the authorized oil drilling companies are poor and sub humane. Very environmentally unfriendly to say the least. I am sure you know this already given your position. I know well enough that I am a grain of sand on the beach but it aches my heart to see our beach like this and I can’t sit still. It just takes a little, love and humanity to care.
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    Created by Glory Batubo
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  • CAMEROON: Trier les déchets
    Trier ses déchets permet de protéger l'environnement car beaucoup de déchets se dégradent difficilement et s'ils contient des composants chimiques, ces derniers polluent les sols et l'eau. Aussi, il est possible de recycler ces déchets et de les transformer en matière première économisant nos ressources naturelles à condition de les trier au préalable pour que certains déchets ne souille pas d'autres rendant le recyclage plus complexe.
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    Created by Nzie Chris