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To: National Environment Management Authority

Nairobi, KE: NEMA, Act to Stop Pollution into River Gatharaine-Githurai,Nairobi.

Based on the powers given to the National Environment Management Authority under Environmental Management and Coordination Act of 1999 Section 9 (2) to urgently take action that will lead to the immediate stop of discharge of raw sewage into river Gatharaine at Githurai area and relocation of the dumpsite from the banks of river Gatharaine at Mwiki area.

Why is this important?

The continuous discharge of raw sewage into the river is leading to the following impacts:
1. The sewage contain disease causing bacteria which pose a public health risk to the downstream users of the river Gatharaine water.
2. The released sewage contains nutrients which are leading to algal bloom which reduce light penetration and sometimes produce toxins and oxygen depletion when decomposing.
3. The sewage is using up oxygen in the water during its decomposing process leading to oxygen depletion for the water plants and animals. As a consequence, river Gatharaine is quickly becoming a dead river.

Additionally, the dumpsite on the banks of river Gatharaine is leading to:
1. Untreated leachate from the dumpsite polluting river Gatharaine. This is exposing the people who use the river’s water for drinking to disease organisms and other contaminants.
2. Insects and rodents are attracted to this dumpsite. These insects and rodent vectors can spread diseases such as cholera to the surrounding community.
3. Pollution from the untreated leachate coming from the dumpsite affects river Gatharaine’s ecosystem-harming water organisms.
4. The uncollected waste from the dumpsite on the banks of river Gatharaine is obstructing storm water runoff resulting in floods.

How it will be delivered

Present to National Environment Management Authority in person.

Nairobi, Kenya

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