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To: Hon. Joseph Old Lenku Governor Kajiado County

We demand access to a sustainable water source!

As an indigenous climate justice activist from a pastoral community, I have witnessed Indigenous women carrying the climate crisis burdened in my community. We have contributed the least, yet we suffer the most. Women and children have been facing climate injustice for the African pastoral women & children. For decades, Indigenous women from my community have been bearing the burden of the climate crisis.

One such need is a lack of access to water. They have to travel long distances (up to 20 km) to fetch water, wastes a day. Infants are left unattended, and school-aged children miss essential activities in school. This also led to poverty as animals perished from hunger and thirst, thus causing a series of other socio problems, divorce, parental absence, early marriage, health problems, and death. Water is a basic human need and is right. Therefore, it cannot be overlooked in this era.

These communities have not received any assistance from CSOs, government or county government. We, therefore, demand that;
1. The County Government of Kajiado answer this and bring a sustainable source of clean water to this community.
2. Implement climate policies at the county level to protect its people.
3. Climate Justice for marginalised pastoral communities from the global south. My community is among those communities that deserve climate finance meant to help developing countries cope with the effects of climate change. However, none reaches them, and the small CSOs targeting to help them are often sidelined! We demand Climate Justice and fair disbursement of climate funds from the GCF.

Please stand with us to oppose the climate injustice facing pastoral communities in Kajiado County, Kenya. We demand what is due as basic human need and right.

Why is this important?

This community has contributed less to climate change, and it is unfair for them to bear the brunt with no assistance whatsoever. Water is a basic human need and right; all living things depend on water for survival.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered digitally via email.

Kajiado County, Kenya

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