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To: Dis-chem Pharmacies CEO Ivan Saltzman

Dispensing in plastic bags - Dis-chem’s unhealthy waste injustice

Dis-chem needs to stop with immediate effect their use of small plastic bags when they dispense peoples prescriptions.

Bring back the brown paper bags or even better, stop utilising single use options altogether.

Why is this important?

Only 10% of all the pastic ever produced has actually been recycled.

The other 90% is either floating in the ocean or on the ocean floors, in landfills or burnt.

Little plastic bags like they dispense as well as the plastic cable ties are not plastics that are going to be recycled much.

Even though it's made from 100% recycled plastic, this product will very unlikely ever be recycled again.

Recycling alone is not an effective and long-term solution to the ever growing pandemic of plastic waste that is ending up in our precious oceans and on our beautiful shores.

South Africa

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