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To: Bukelwa Njingolo - Managing Director Pikitup SOC Ltd

Kya Sands Burning Wasteland

We request that Pikitup conducts a site visit as a matter of urgency to assess the situation and put measures in place to resolve the matter.

Pikitup must undertake to identify affected stakeholders, such as law enforcement, community-based forums, and government agencies.

The proposed course of action is as follows:

1.Repair of the broken parameter wall
2.Request the JMPD and SAPS to enforce the closure of the facility's entrance.
3.Provide full-time security on-site.
4.Cleaning and clearing the site by removing waste.

We hope you find this in order.

The Kya Sands Burning Wasteland Community Forum

Why is this important?

We have the constitutional right to clean air and water in South Africa.

Municipal bylaws and Environmental Acts must be enforced.

Criminals get away with poisoning the air and poluting our scarce water resources and it is time that the authorities and communities stand up and say enough is enough.

If we dont do something now our future generations will have no-one but this generation to blame and we do not stand for that.

Stand with us.
Kya Sand, Randburg, 2163, South Africa

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