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To: Government of RSA

SOUTH AFRICA: Renewable Energy RSA

SOUTH AFRICA: Renewable Energy RSA

To grant Independent Power Producers Licenses and related permits to build renewable power stations in all forms and sell generated power directly to consumers.

Why is this important?

The energy crisis in South Africa is reaching tipping point, economic growth has slowed down and the prices of electricity are rising shaper as there is no competitor to Eskom.

South Africa

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Reasons for signing

  • Without Nature we will die
  • * Building a brand new solar (or wind) with (or without) battery storage plant OR a brand new utility-size battery storage plant is actually CHEAPER (this includes the latest natural gas-burning combined-cycle plants, which generally produce the least expensive power available from fossil fuels) and it performs MUCH BETTER than continuing to operate an existing natural gas or coal power plant. * More than 3 times the amount of permanent jobs than in a fossil fuel or nuclear energy economy.
  • the electricity price is vnot good for the economy


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