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To: Minister of Environmental Affairs - Bomo Edna Molewa

Save The Vaal Dam & River - South Africa - Free State

Pipeline construction was stopped.

Stop the raw sewer pipe line - 15 km from being pumped directly into the Vaal Dam and hence the river which provides water to millions of people and wild-life spanning. 38 505 square km. Destruction of the Vaal Dam.
The Vaal Dam has a catchment area covering 38 505 square kilometres and a capacity to hold 2575 million cubic metres of water which, under normal circumstances and without a substantial inflow, will last for 2 years. This dam has a surface area of 321 square kilometres and an average depth of 22,5 metres.
The above catchment area is home to thousands of birds (the Fish Eaglerecently come home), Duiker, Many cats, Jackals, insects, The famous bull frog and many thousands of others species.

R9,7 million has been allocated for a so called sanitation projectThe raw sewage pipe is for a massive settlement called Refengkhotso This sewerage waste will be pumped directly into the Vaal Dam causingmajor contamination to humans and all wildlife in this massive area of water. The existing sewers built in 2012 no longer work due to lack of maintenance and misuse of Municipal and government surprise there..Firstly is does not cost 9.7 million rand to run a +-15 km raw sewage pipeline and secondly it would not cost near to this amount to fix the existing sewers.This project smells of another excuse to back-pocket money that belongs to the tax payer. It seems that his project is based on corruption and greed..SIMPLEThe Negative impact on the environment of dumping raw sewage into the Vaal are as follows: Depending on its content and level of treatment, sewage can wreak havoc all the way up the food chain to humans. Raw, untreated sewage, for example, may contain harmful chemicals, hazardous compounds, heavy metals, and viruses. ance and the misuse of Government funds. All signed petitions in the area have been ignored by the powers that be.Please help us to prevent the sewerage pipeline from from reaching completion. We have forever to remove this pipeline.........
Please read the following re my research:

Why is this important?

To prevent human and animals from contracting viral and bacterial infections. this will have a negative long term effect on millions of species to put it mildly.

Deneysville, Free State, South Africa

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Guys I just want to say thank you so much for all your messages and support. Please continue to post this petition anywhere and everywhere. many thanks again. Bertram

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