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To: Office of the Registrar : Genetically Modified Organisms Act, Private Bag X973, Pretoria 0001, Fax: 012 319 6329

[WON] Say NO to Release of GMO Vaccine in South Africa

This campaign has ended.

We as interested parties submit our objections connection with the intended release of a genetically modified vaccine, Innovax®- ND, to South Africa under the Genetically Modified Organisms Act (GMO’s) of 1997.

Why is this important?

Intervet (Pty.) Ltd would like to introduce the vaccine, Innovax®- ND, to South Africa under the Genetically Modified Organisms Act (GMO’s) of 1997,

Innovax®- ND is a frozen, cell associated, live virus vaccine that contains
the recombinant serotype 3 Herpes Virus of Turkeys (HVT) with the Fusion gene of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV-F). The HVT/NDV-F strain contains the Fusion (F) gene from NDV.

It is approved for in ovo administration for 18-day embryos and by subcutaneous vaccination for healthy 1-day-old chickens.

There have already been significant warnings about the use of genetically modified virus and vaccines. A research paper published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health in 2006 stated:

"Genetically modified (GM) viruses and genetically engineered virus-vector vaccines possess significant unpredictability and a number of inherent harmful potential hazards... Horizontal transfer of genes... is well established. New hybrid virus progenies resulting from genetic recombination between genetically engineered vaccine viruses and their naturally occurring relatives may possess totally unpredictable characteristics with regard to host preferences and disease-causing potentials.

...There is inadequate knowledge to define either the probability of unintended events or the consequences of genetic modifications."

Genetic Modifications
While scientific progress on molecular biology has a great potential to increase our understanding of nature and provide new medical tools, it should not be used as justification to turn the environment into a giant genetic experiment by commercial interests. The biodiversity and environmental integrity of the world's food supply is too important to our survival to be put at risk.

Intervet (Pty.) Ltd
Furthermore Intervet (Pty.) Ltd is nothing more about then a front organisation for the international research and development, production and marketing company MSD Animal Health. Who are also known to use dogs, cats and other animals in experiments at MSD Animal Health.


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