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To: Eskom, Minister of Energy, Minister of Environmental Affairs, President of the Republic of South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA: NO to the Duynefontein Nuclear Plant

On 27 August 2018, the South African Minister of Energy announced the nuclear was no longer a part of the country's energy mix.

Scrap the plans for another nuclear plant in Western Cape. The nuclear deal was declared unlawful and unconstitutional.

Invest in clean, green sustainable energy alternatives.

Why is this important?

The approval for a 4,000-megawatt facility at Duynefontein, adjacent to the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, comes at a time when South Africa can neither afford, nor does it need a new nuclear power station. The South African fiscus cannot afford any new nuclear build, the Finance Minister said so on 25 October 2016.

If we invest in nuclear, we'll have less money for water and education - needed in the province and the rest of the country.

Nuclear is not the cheap, safe and affordable option it is often presented as. Instead it is costly, dangerous and nuclear accidents are devastating:

With high unemployment rate in SA, we should be investing in renewable energy as it will be available much quicker than nuclear and it creates more jobs - and is far less dangerous. Nuclear creates fewer jobs than renewable energy generation. In terms of the nuclear jobs potential in SA, the Russian state-owned nuclear company Rosatom stated in mid-2013 that 15,000 new jobs would be created directly by the procurement. However, in March of this year, that number dropped significantly, to only 5,760.

The whole Nuclear Deal is shrouded in secrecy. What is worse is that as usual the SA government continues to make key energy decisions in secret -- which will have a negative impact on current and future generations in South Africa -- and without any input from the people.

Please sign - to Say NO to The New Nuclear Power Plant plans and urge the government to invest in sustainable renewable energy.
Western Cape, South Africa

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We submitted this petition as part of the Department of Environmental Affairs appeal process on 5 March 2018. We await the decision on nuclear plans due in June.

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