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To: CEOs

Stop the mass murder of aquatic life

Dear Sir/Ma'am
Please put a restriction on the fishing of hake and other fish species that are endangered. Take measures to catch people who are fishing illegally. Also, prevent people from killing dolphins and sharks, as this is unnecessary and wasteful. I would appreciate it if you make all methods of killing these animals illegal. People who break this law should be punished severely.

Why is this important?

The ocean is filled with beautiful animals that have as much right to life as you and I, yet people are killing them to the extent that certain breeds of fish are now endangered. I realize that fish is a food source, but this is going to far. Also, what is the point of killing dolphins? Japanese "Drive hunts" kill 20000 dolphins every year, and for what? Who eats dolphins? They are beautiful mammals that need to be preserved. In addition, if fish become extinct, they won't be there for people to eat in the future.


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