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To: Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism

Stop Wind Turbines near Wildlife Reserves

Stop Wind Turbines near Wildlife Reserves

We appeal to stop the erection of wind turbines close to wildlife reserves in the Grahamstown area of the Eastern Cape. The turbines will destroy the sense of wild that tourist come to South Africa to see, replacing the majesty of the African bush with an industrial landscape. As a large group of opposing land owners, we have requested an EIA of the effect of wind turbines on tourism and game reserves from the developer via their respresentative: Savannah Environmental <> but to date they have not complied. We are now in the final 30 days before they receive the green light to destroy the hard work we have put into developing wildlife tourism in this area. We are not opposed to wind energy BUT we are opposed to replacing established wildlife tourism with industrial energy solutions.

Why is this important?

We desperately need the public to help protect established wildlife areas and tourism. As a group of game reserve owners we cannot do this alone. We appeal to everyone who has a love for our wildlife including endangered species such as Martial Eagle and Cape Vulture and know the value of tourism in protecting and establishing new reserves to help by protesting and sending an email to and to Sabelo Malaza <>

Makhanda, South Africa

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