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To: South African Government

SOUTH AFRICA: Keep Fracking Out of the Drakensberg & Karoo

Please keep our water clean and please do not grant prospecting permits for fracking.

Drakensberg and the KZN Midlands is the 'water factory' on which the economic hub of the province relies. Please don't destroy this resource on which all life relies. We can't drink gas!

Why is this important?

The Drakensberg is the source of water on which over 5 million people, in cities like Estcourt, Howick, Pietermaritzburg & Durban, depend on for their water supply. If Fracking is permitted all life in our province stands to be jeopardised.

Each fracking well uses between 6 and 25 million litres of water and up to 150 000kgs of sand to create cracks in the rocks and release the gas.

Farming in the Drakensberg & Karoo will also be destroyed if the water is polluted, affecting our food supply and raising food prices considerably.

We are a water scarce country which has abundant sunlight - surely we should capture this source of energy rather than destroy our water supply?

Technical Cooperation Permits have been issued to Rhino Oil and Gas and Sungu Sungu to explore the possibilities of extracting shale gas in Balgowan, Kamberg, Karkloof and surrounding areas.



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Farmers in the Eastern Cape have succeeded in putting the brakes on fracking in the Karoo, for now, with a recent court victory preventing government from issuing licences to frack! Read more:

But, the fight is far from over! Please continue to share it with your friends. Fracking runs the risk of contaminating our water supply, which is already scare in some parts of the country.

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