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Clean Earth, better health

My name Cynthia from Kenya. Waste pollution is affecting our health and the economy because we rely heavily on tourism, most tourists will not come back after witnessing the pollution. Large patches of land are used to heap piles of waste, we could remove the waste, plant trees and use these lands to plant food and feed the poor as this will solve the joblessness as well, since we can have some youths to work on them and sell the food at affordable prices.
Since most of the waste is drenched in water after it has been rained on, and some waste is rotting matter, we can have a chemical that dries it up, or we can have substance which can emulsify it.

Why is this important?

The entire country is littered up hence the work that needs to be done is so much. My campaign requires a group of scientists to design a substance that will emulsify the waste, also to provide lasting solution since once we clean we will need a system like bins to be exposed appropriately.
So we need a huge team of scientists, a team to educate Kenyans and ensure littering is controlled. Another team of gatherers and tree planters, also campaign to have people utilize these areas to provide food. Most importantly we need funds

Nairobi, Kenya

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