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To: President of the Republic of Kenya

Stop Ecocide

Deforestation rate statistics show that Subukia had 2.48Kha of natural forest, accounting for 15% of the natural land area, according to Global Forest Watch,In 2021 Subukia lost 1.69Kha of natural forest. This equates to carbon dioxide emissions of 2.23 kt.

This level of environmental degradation driven by human activities is adversely affecting the natural flow of ecosystem services and the benefits that people obtain from them. Our mission is to reduce the social impact of all ecological injustices and to enable these local communities to participate broadly in innovative solutions that boost economic growth and also the local communities can contribute; to help regain the ecological functionality and to improve productivity and capacity of the ecosystems to meet the needs of the society.

In recent years, African countries have experienced erratic weather patterns affecting agricultural production. Kenya, in particular, suffers from frequent droughts.

Planting trees has multiple benefits providing food to needy families and eradicating poverty through job creation in the community. And this will help mitigate the climate crisis,biodiversity loss,and carbon reduction from the atmosphere.

Why is this important?

- Our objective is to assess and understand the social landscape essential to creating a larger social movement that will bring about large-scale changes needed to achieve our restoration goals. All of these are the result of bad governance that makes it had to assess the relevant institutional policy and legal framework and identify financial and technical resources to proctect forests and river ecosystems.

- Our climate is deteriorating, and deforestation is happening daily due to government inaction.and this has serious ramifications to the improverished community.


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Nakuru County, Kenya

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